FAQ on Readings

Readings are assessments and projections of the CURRENT energy that is surrounding you or your situation. Because that energy can change depending on factors big and small, what is seen in your reading now can be different than what is seen in your reading at another time, even pertaining to the same exact situation.

Think of it like a person driving a car and, not paying attention, they are headed straight towards a pole. If they continue as they are going, they will hit the pole. But if they look up and swerve, therefore changing the direction of where the car is now headed, they will miss the pole. Everything changes. A reader can only tell you where things are likely to head and what the outcome is likely to be in that snapshot moment that you are having your reading done. But, because of free will (not only yours, but anyone involved in your situation), things can always change.
Readings are N O T meant to predict the future. 
They are a pathway, a platform to looking at what is presently in front of you to weigh your options. In reflection to the current energy that is being presented.
It's not an all or nothing ultimatum.
It's a dance in the stars, while divining all the information that their current formation tells you.
It's an interpretive movement.
A connection to ones own infiniteness.
A revelation of all possibilities.
It's a understanding from the comfort of knowing your never alone.
That there's always someone rooting for you on the other side but your choices are always your own.
Free will.
Are the keys to walking the path that reader brings, receives and delivers, as a channel, an interpreter and a translator.
Clear Specific Questions are required to get a specific answer/outcome
General Reads Will be General about what is present and what seer sees
Do not ask the same question over and over again, spirit gets tired of that 
Be open and ready to receive
Spirit Does not work on our timeline
Readings are always focused on your highest good and the best outcome of all
Most Importantly Trust your gut, your intuition is powerful in its own right