Our Story

Sage, Moons, Wisdom and The Sacred Path is an Holistic Metaphysical Wellness Center. Dedicated to finding Ancient Pathways to enhance everyday life. 

Through herbal remedies, plant medicines, aesthetics, crystal's, jewelry, massage, healing and more. A mix of the Old into the New in one majestic place. 

SMW has been a running business since 2015 when I was providing remedies, healing, and consultations from my home for free. And became an established online in the social media world for services and good since 2018. 


This dream has been 5+ years in the making at a time when I was fighting through fear of failure and extreme doubt. Childhood conditioning and coming to term with my own power of choice and will. 

The holistic pathways I began to explore not only opened my mind, but my heart and many other doorways for opportunities for me to grow as a person and a human being. I finally got to see myself in a different light and heal the trauma and fear that had bogged me down for so long telling me I wasn't good enough and I wouldn't make it.

When entrepreneurship has always been my dream. I always knew I wouldn't last working for other people. I am visionary, a leader and I intuitively know there is more than meets the eye with this life we feel like we were handed. 

I want give that gift to others. For some metaphysics and healing of the mind, body and soul is not just a trend but a way of life. For me it's a lifestyle, it's a way being. A door way into deep understanding, healing, self realizations and being a more knowledgeable, more responsible, happy, healthy and enlightened human being. One who is a peace with themselves. 

This center it's apart of the legacy I want to leave behind for my little girl. For the world. It's the mark I want to make, knowing that I made a difference and impacted the lives of others. 

Growing up wasn't easy for me. I fought to be seen heard, felt and understood. To understand, know and feel love. To love and accept myself. A lot of it was self discipline but it was also having an outlet to explore my mind, my heart, my dreams and what my sense of peace was. 

I want that for others. I want them to know there is more than one way. I want them to love the life they live. And If i can enhance that in some way. Then why not give it a try? 

Grab a little sage, drink some tea, talk to the moon, and move your mind to expand, explore, play, learn and grow. That's what it's all about. Freedom, Liberation, Authenticity, Connection and Balance. And most of all God and having connection to a higher power. No matter the name. 

Influencing many, changing lives to hopefully one day affect Millions.