About Me

Owner of Sage. Moons. Wisdom & the Sacred Path; Alexandria is a loving, gentle guiding spirit that helps create the pathways for you to reconnect to yourself, at your root core being and heal your story of separation. Through wisdom, love, presence, acceptance, and a little down to earth realness and humor.
As a Clairsentient Psychic, I experience my most primary intuitive abilities through "Clear Feelings" that then get translated to my secondary and third abilities. Claircognizance that is "Clear Knowing" and Clairvoyance which is " Clear Seeing" which is what I use in my mediumship work. This combination allows me to set myself within side of the energetic scene of life, that you are currently experiencing/ inquiring about. Allowing me to gain a prescriptive soul grounding perspective to lead you on your path.
Each reading and mentoring session is a unique soul experience of divine entanglement. The opportunity to mingle with your guides, loved ones and spirit team is a privilege and a blessing that is held sacred and most high.
My Readings are a one of kind experience.
By my voice you are completely submerged in a room with your guides.
Being Illuminated with clear and direct guidance on what's coming up for you at the most present moment.
Specific steps are presented to be taken or not to be as free will is always your choice and power.
Acknowledgement of the shift that needs to take place on the inside for you to be able to go forward with the next steps, your next level and the highest version of yourself.
I hold space for you in a loving and gentle way and I shoot it straight 100% of the time, no holding back, and often bring transparency of my own surrendering up to help show you the way.
I channel, access and uncover what's hidden beneath the surface for the highest alignment and highest good of you. Leaving no stone untouched.
I am not your Typical Tarot Reader.
I am and Oracle, Psychic, Seer and Prophetess. Medium, Energy Healer.
My readings are multidimensional.
I tell a story, of your past, present and future.
I Channel until the divine says stop.

It is my desire and my duty to give you the highest value of information possible for you take your next steps. And assess your decisions accordingly.
Most often people leave my readings with 5 + pages of notes.
"Aha Moments"
Blown away.
Wondering how I knew that.
Crying tears of release and joy all at the same time.
Grateful and Remedied with a Soul Prescription of what they should do next.
And reunited with their own inner power and strength.
I am their translator, transmutator, and healer. I work solely for the purpose to serve others and be the transmission of the divine.
I'll awaken you to new heights of your existence, open doors of your Hidden Truths, and acknowledge and love all the parts of you that need acceptance, reverence and ownership of your own sovereignty.
Readings are done by audio recording filled with Minutes of fine tuned, high frequency information and guidance. A direct link to your spirit guides and team. Opening up a doorway of infinite possibility to be brought into your finite reality.